About 2021 UHCCF Holiday Heroes

Back by popular demand is UHCCF's Holiday Heroes!. We've partnered with Labcorp who is generously providing a custom UHCCF Bluetooth speaker when you donate $25 or more between December 6- December 17th, 2021! You can make a real difference in the lives of children this holiday season, and receive this special gift in return, as a sign of our appreciation!


Starts at:  November 1, 2021 12:00 AM
Ends at:  December 18, 2021 12:00 AM




UHCCF Hero Squad

Meet Max!

Nothing slows Max down from having a great time. Not even his bilateral vocal cord paralysis, speech delay, and sensory processing issues. With a UHCCF medical grant, his family made sure of it by getting him the important medical equipment and therapies that have helped get the most out of life — and definitely have more fun.

Meet Kenny!

Always full of life, 11-year-old Kenny never lets his Down syndrome get in the way of fun and games. Thanks to UHCCF medical grants, Kenny is able to receive the occupational therapy he needs to communicate better and keep his bright personality shining.

Meet Jahnila!

Sweet Jahnila was born with development delay, hypertonia, and cerebral palsy. Fortunately, she was also born with a fun-loving, determined spirit. With a UHCCF medical grant, her family was able to afford the occupational and physical therapy she needed to improve her gross motor skills as well as a wheelchair. Now, she’s able to play like every child should.

Meet the Martin Brothers!

The Martin brothers, Emmanuel, Damian and Louis, share a big love for each other. They also share neonatal-onset multisystem inflammatory disease — a rare disorder that inflames and damages the nervous system, skin and joints. UHCCF medical grants were there to help cover the ongoing treatments they require so they can keep being kids and never miss an adventure together.

Meet Nadia!

Nadia is a spunky five-year-old from Elba, AL. While living with right hemiplegia cerebral palsy, a UHCCF medical grant helps Nadia receive regular Botox® injections that allow her to walk, run, and stay her cheerful self.

Meet Evelyn!

Being awarded a UHCCF medical grant was music to Evelyn’s ears. Literally. Born with moderate to severe hearing loss, Evelyn needed hearing aids to hear the sounds around her and communicate better with her family. A UHCCF medical grant was there to cover the costs not covered by her family’s medical insurance.

Meet Lucas!

Everyone loves their independence, especially kids. Diagnosed with diabetes, Lucas needed a continuous glucose monitor to provide safety and security it offers to control his blood sugar. Thanks to a UHCCF medical grant, his family was able to provide one — and Lucas is able to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Our gift to you when you become a UHCCF Holiday Hero!

We've partnered with labcorp who is generously providing a custom UHCCF Bluetooth speaker when you donate $25 or more between December 6-17th, 2021!

All donations must be made through this Holiday Heroes site to be eligible for appreciation gift.