Merakey Virtual 5K

Frequently Asked Questions
1.    Do my supporters donate one flat amount, or do they donate per kilometer/activity?
- You can raise money for your team in any way you like. You and your sponsors can donate a flat amount, raise per mile/activity, or hold mini-fundraisers for the team.
2.   Do I need to submit proof of completion? If so, how do I do this?
- Yes, tracking of your fitness activity can be done through the website. You can enter your activity manually on your participant page or through the Strava fitness app which is compatible with the website. You are not required to use Strava to track your activity. However, the Strava app is the only fitness app that will automatically send your results to your Merakey 5K page. If you choose to use another app, you will have to enter your results manually.
3.    Am I required to run/walk or can I do a different activity?
- You are not required to run/walk. We are encouraging participants to choose whatever physical activity they are comfortable with. Whether it is running, walking, rolling, stretching, hula-hooping, scooting, cycling, skating, Yoga minutes, chair aerobics, etc. The sky is the limit - we just want you to be involved!
4.    How do I use Strava?
- Once you register you can select “manage your page.” On the left-hand side of the screen you will see “record fitness activity.” Once you click that, you will see the below screen. Click “link my Strava account” and follow the steps.
5.    Do I need to raise my money before the event starts on April 1?
- No, you also have the entire month of April to raise money. However, you can start raising money before April 1. All teams are required to raise at least $600 by the conclusion of the event. We will absolutely accept donations after April 30; however, prizes for our competitions will be determined based on money raised and activities completed by noon EST on April 30.
6.    Do I need to join a team to participate?
- No, you can participate as an individual. If you participate as an individual, you are required to raise at least $35.
7.    How do I register and pay?
- Please go to in order register and pay for the event.
8.    What do I get for participating in the Virtual 5K?
- All participants will receive a water bottle, rally towel and race bib before the event and a medal and certificate after completion of the event.
9.    Where do I submit videos or photos of my activity to share with others?
- Photos and videos can be submitted directly through your page. To upload, go to “Manage My Page” and on the left-hand side you will see an option to “Add Photos or Videos.” From there you will be able to post photos and videos.
10.    Who can I contact with questions?
- Please contact the Foundation at with any questions or concerns.