Partners in Independence

For 20 years, Eukanuba has supported Canine Companions’ mission to provide expertly trained service dogs to adults, children and veterans with disabilities. Our mutual commitment to happy, healthy working dogs is what makes this partnership thrive. We are grateful to Eukanuba for their ongoing financial support that helps our dogs and the people we serve. 

And now, your dog can be a Eukanuba dog. Make a gift of $25 and receive the 2022 Canine Companions Puppy Calendar, approved nutritional tips and $60 in coupons for Eukanuba dog food. It’s a win-woof!

Receive your 2022 Canine Companions Puppy Calendar with a donation of just $25 and get nutritional tips and $60 in coupons for Eukanuba.

The puppies of today are the Canine Companions service dogs of tomorrow! Your gift will help us place more life-changing service dogs FREE of charge with people with disabilities. 

April 2022 calendar spread