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Each Canine Companions service dog is expertly trained to help people with disabilities. Our veteran clients live with greater independence, confidence and pride. Your donation makes that possible.


We are grateful for the generous financial support made by Robert and Alexandra Griswold and the Greenburg family in honor of Howard Bender, dog lover.

Veterans' Stories of Independence

Jason & Yago

U.S. Air Force veteran Jason was partnered with his first dog twelve years ago and is now with his third service dog, Yago. To Jason, applying to Canine Companions has been the decision of a lifetime. “Out of everything I’ve done to try to improve my life, nothing had even come close to getting a service dog from Canine Companions,” he says. Your gift will help more veterans live with greater independence.

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Rodney & Novella

Rodney spent 20 years in the U.S. Army. After retiring, he experienced mood swings, nightmares, flashbacks and insomnia—all symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Rodney’s hope and independence was renewed when he was matched with Canine Companions Service Dog Novella, trained to mitigate symptoms of PTSD by turning on lights, interrupting anxiety behaviors, disrupting nightmares and much more.

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Alli & Erik

Just two weeks before she was scheduled to return home from her second tour in Iraq, Alli was paralyzed during a firefight. A rifle round had hit her spine. After rehabilitation, she reached out to Canine Companions, where she was matched with Service Dog Erik. “Thanks to Erik, I no longer have to depend on others out in public,” she says. Professionally trained in up to 45 commands, Service Dog Erik and other Canine Companions service dogs help enhance independence, confidence and peace of mind for veterans.

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