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Aliesha and Chris Smith stayed at San Diego's Ronald McDonald House for almost a year when their daughter, Addy, was born prematurely. After spending 4 months at Sharp Mary Birch, she was transferred to the NICU at Rady Children's Hospital. That was when Aliesha and Chris found a room at the Ronald McDonald House, close enough to Addy that they could be by her side at a moment's notice. 

Chris recalls, "It was helpful to be able to wake up, freshen up, and walk right across the street to be with Addy. Then, whenever we were ready to eat or rest, we would walk right back over. It was extremely convenient, especially when Addy wasn't doing well." 

Last year, they shared their story with CBS News 8, which you can view here.

Great news! Addy has been discharged after 848 days in the hospital. CBS8 covered their heartfelt farewell here.