About 2023 Giving Tuesday

Show you care!

100% of every donation helps children overcome grief and loss.

Huntsville Hospital Foundation's "Season of Caring" is going on now through Giving Tuesday, or as we like to call it this year  Caring Tuesday! That's because every dollar raised benefits the needs of The Caring House -- the only childhood grief support program in Madison County. 

Our goal is to raise $25,000 for The Caring House in the month of November in honor of Children’s Grief Awareness Month. These urgently needed funds will help HHF provide these grief services at no cost to area families, including evidence-based group sessions, one-on-one support, grief camps, and services throughout Huntsville and Madison public schools.

Every gift helps. For example:

  • $30 provides supplies for one children’s grief support group, ​
  • $100 sponsors one child to attend the annual Camp Caring House grief camp, and
  • $250 provides an entire month of individual support sessions for a child.

Will you please donate to ensure every kid has access to the care they deserve? Your tax-deductible year-end gift will support this incredible program so kids can learn to process their grief and start a journey toward healing and joy. Please donate before November 29 to help us reach our goal!


Starts at:  November 28, 2023 12:00 AM
Ends at:  November 28, 2023 11:59 PM




Huntsville Hospital Foundation

You're the key to unlocking the match!

Your donation could count DOUBLE! Bentley Automotive Group is matching all donations up to $20,000. Thanks to their generosity, your gift will go twice as far to help children overcome grief and loss.

Thank you, Bentley Automotive Group!

Helping kids like 5-year-old Ellis

"On our way to school in late April, my daughter Ellis was not her normal, chipper self. Typically, she sings songs or makes faces at her baby brother Adler to gain a smile or a laugh from him. After a few glances in my rearview, I noticed she seemed to be in deep thought as she stared out the window. She caught my eye in the mirror and succinctly said, 'Mommy, it’s about time you told me more about how Ryker died.'

I was never expecting the conversation that followed her request, the questions, and the hurt that I had in my heart for her to know loss at such an early age. An immense loss that we have all felt since June 20, 2020, when my beautiful baby boy, Ryker, was born without a heartbeat at 37 weeks and entered into Heaven.

     “Did Ryker suffer?”

     “Did he die on a cross like Jesus did?”

     “Does it hurt when you die?”

     “Mommy, did your belly button not act right?” (After me explaining Ryker died from an accident with the umbilical cord).

I did the best I could, but I was shaking. Was I saying too much? Was I not saying enough? Am I speaking to her in a way that she understands, all while not frightening her? Is she too young to know this much about death? My mind was whirling.

After that emotional morning I called The Caring House. By the next week, we were at the precious little cottage with the blue door, participating in play therapy and talking through ways to process our emotions. Ellis made a sand jar with colorful layers to represent her family members, picked out a stuffed animal, and added her sweet thumbprint on a tree where other kiddos who have lost a special someone in their lives had the opportunity to do the same. I left feeling more equipped to answer the hard questions, and she left with a genuine smile on her face.

Our little city is so fortunate to have this resource at our fingertips, and best of all it’s free. Huntsville Hospital Foundation saw a need and took action, and i am amazed at how well done it is. I hope you will join me in supporting this incredible program so it can help more kids like my Ellis." 

- Lacey Schoff