2022 Top Fundraising Team: Sequoia Consulting

Why did you participate in Red Shoe Day?

The team we had the morning of RSD is passionate about giving back! It was mostly members from our Sequoia Gives Back committee but we had some of our newer folks out there too! We knew we’d have fun being out there together and collecting money for a great cause, and one that means so much to Sequoia. It felt SO GOOD to have the event happening in person again. We had a rocking good time that morning. And the ability to fundraise online was also really great because our employees that wanted to give back but couldn’t participate on RSD were still able to contribute and help Sequoia reach that #1 spot!

What was something memorable about volunteering for Red Shoe Day? 

The team I had out there that morning was SO FUN! We had a boombox out there for some good tunes while we danced and paraded along our intersection. It was particularly great to be at an intersection that had a pretty heavy pedestrian flow because we were able to talk to so many people about the event and about the house itself. There were so many people that had no idea about all the great things the house provides to families and it was great to be able to educate and advocate for the house. We also loved that the official photographer/videographer came by because we really were having so much fun out there and we were happy that was captured!

How did you prepare your team for Red Shoe Day?

We wanted to solicit as much company participation as possible so we put out communication early about joining the team and/or sharing our company team page on their social platforms. I encouraged those that joined our team to share their personal fundraising page to their family/friends/socials as well. I personally had shared our team page via LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Joining the team on RSD was voluntary so we understood that not everyone would be able to take the time to participate so having the online fundraising was a great platform to engage participation. And of course we planned ahead with our purchase of tutus and red/white stripe socks for some extra fun and unity! And as I do every year we’ve participated, I (via Sequoia) was able to take the team out for a celebratory brunch at the conclusion of the event and share stories from each other’s side of the intersection.

Is there any other information they’d like to share about volunteering on RSD?

RSD can be such a fun time and fun event as long as you and your team have fun with it! Enjoy the bonding being out there with your team, enjoy the rush of joy you get when drivers open their windows to put cash or change in the boots, enjoy the smiles and laughs you get from passersby as you wave and dance along your intersection (safely, of course), and enjoy the euphoria of knowing you’re out there for a wonderful cause! I know my team is so glad to have RSD back in person and we’re looking forward to this year and are determined to keep our #1 spot! 😉