Goal - $15,000

In Liberia, (un)adopted® partners with REAP (Restoration of Educational Advancement Programs), a Liberian ministry, to implement gospel-centered life skill camps for vulnerable youth and young adults. Camp participants receive career guidance, hands on learning opportunities, and biblical teaching that prepare them for the transition from life in an institution to life on their own where they must provide for themselves. 

Through the camps, older orphans are given the opportunity to hear the gospel, learn life skills, develop career awareness and receive education that will sustain them and offer a healthy transition into productive adulthood.

 In light of the effects of COVID-19, and government regulations, participants are receiving training via electronic means and are being supplied with needed tools, resources, and food where they are. 



Goal - $2,955 

Hope in Action has founded and manages the Orphanage Directors’ Network (ODN).  This is a network of directors that represent over 35 orphanages from all over Liberia.  They meet quarterly to serve and fellowship, pray and worship, talk about current issues affecting orphan care institutions, and facilitate vital training. 

 In the wake of the Covid 19 outbreak, there has been a closure of all educational institutions, prohibition of public gatherings, and a daily lock-down preventing residents from leaving their homes during normal work hours. Hope in Action is taking a proactive stance in providing virus awareness training, hygiene education, supplying food, cooking oil, and disinfectants to orphanages.



Goal - $2,200

For several years, pastor Ernest Buyondo has helped several adopting families and Lifeline in the country of Uganda. His church lies about 40km north of Kampala in a very rural part of the country. In addition to leading his congregation, he also supplies expectant mothers with “mama kits” which contain sterile resources for women giving birth in remote villages and in the slums.

Due to the impact of the Covid lockdowns his income has all but vanished. Lifeline seeks to help him start alternative means of income that will allow him to provide for his family, continue ministry, and partner with our friends at Busega Community School for the Deaf and Blind for the purpose of job skill development.



Goal - $18,818 

Led by Pastor Raphael Kujjubi, King Jesus Church seeks to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the area (specifically deaf and blind children). In the Muslim community, if a child is deaf or blind or physically disabled, he or she is literally treated as a “curse.” The church felt called to minister to these children but didn’t know how.

 (un)adopted was started in 2009 and through this newly formed partnership between (un)adopted and King Jesus Church, Busega Community School for the Deaf and Blind was opened in 2011. The school now has more than 30 students. During the recent challenge of the Coronavirus, quarantines, and the loss of employment families throughout the Busega community are suffering. Until school can resume, Pastor Kujjubi and his staff are delivering food rations and providing care for those children who were attending, as well as others in desperate need in the community.


    Goal - $20,000

    The Global Care Initiative is Lifeline's newest endeavor to provide resources to in-country teams and partners around the world! As our ministry serves in over 19+ countries through adoption and (un)adopted, our heart at Lifeline is to ensure that local believers are not only aware of the orphan care crisis in their community and what the gospel teaches regarding our involvement, but also are equipped to do the ministry the Lord has called them to do.

    Through the Global Care Initiative we are empowering the local church in each country by providing training, education, resources, and curriculum that they will be leading out in their own communities. The Global Care Initiative will provide the educational means to support our partners all over the world through our various ministries at Lifeline.

    (un)adopted® partners with four different ministries in Africa: King Jesus Church in Uganda, REAP Camps in Liberia, Hope in Action in Liberia, and Ernest Buyondo's church in Uganda.

    We are excited to have the opportunity to share specific ways you, your family or your church can come alongside these ministries! Your generosity will play a crucial role in the care of many vulnerable children around the world!

    Each gift matters and is tax deductible.