IAIA Alumni Association - Walk to 2021 Graduation supporting Institute of American Indian Arts Foundation
IAIA Alumni Association - Walk to 2021 Graduation

About IAIA Alumni Association - Walk to Graduation 2021

As we finish the academic year 2021 here at IAIA, we take into appreciation all that the current class has accomplished. As they navigated their education through a global pandemic while maintaining their academics to achieve their degree, it is astounding.

We have also come to understand the importance of scholarships and how every little amount helps.

As alumni, we understand the struggle of being a student and the sacrifices we had to undertake to achieve our educational goals. We also know how relieved we were when we received scholarships. Even the small scholarships that helped purchase books, art supplies or even a meal plan took those small stresses out of our hands.

We are happy to announce a fundraising initiative to raise money for the alumni scholarships that were established in 2012. As we move forward, we want to revitalize the scholarship to help our future alumni, and this is why we bring to you “Walking to Graduation.”

As the pandemic had affected us all, we want to MOVE forward in a healthy direction by walking day by day. Join us as we welcome our New 2021 Alumni.


Starts at:  April 23, 2021 7:00 PM
Ends at:  May 28, 2021 7:00 PM




Roanna Shebala

Why Participate?

This past  year as the pandemic had effected so many of students, scholarships were a saving grace. So we bring you this "Walk to Graduation" fund raiser. We want to raise scholarships funds on behalf of the Alumni Association, with partnering with the Alumni Council, join us as we Walk To Graduation. As an Alumni we know how much we have relied on scholarship. As we look forward to welcoming another year of students who will be part of our IAIA Alumni Family, we take pause to celebrate, and to pay it forward.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Did you know?

  • Only 14% of Native Americans have a college degree.
  • IAIA students who receive a scholarship stay in school at twice the rate of students who don’t.
  • 91% of students earning an IAIA degree had scholarship support in their final year.

With the impact Covid-19 has had upon Native American communities, we now need your help more than ever.

By helping with your donation and getting the word out helps our upcoming/continuing students to learn with a little bit of ease knowing that they will have scholarship to assist them in their education. 

Thanks to our generous sponsors