Goal - $10,700 (provides funds to help maintain the homes' regular operations for 6 months)

In 2012, Lifeline began a long-term, both professional and personal relationship with the Maoming orphanage in MaoMing (Guangdong Province), China. A result of this relationship has been Lifeline's on-going sponsorship of five foster homes associated with the orphanage. These wonderful foster homes have housed many children from the Maoming orphange in a family-like setting over the past eight years. Each foster home has the capacity to care for two or three children at a time. The children being cared for in each of the foster homes experience what life in a family may feel like, and this better prepares them for the transition of adoption. 

Many of the foster parents have also been able to participate in Lifeline's caregiver trainings, better equipping them to care for children that have experienced challenges in their past. 

Some of our international team's favorite trips to China have included spending time in MaoMing and interacting with the foster families we serve there! We are grateful to the Maoming orphanage for this opportunity to partner with them in caring for children and also to our Lifeline donors who make supporting these amazing homes possible! 


Goal - $25,500 

Our partner in Pakistan is a girl’s home, that serves as a hostel, or sorts, for 34 orphaned and vulnerable girls. The girls are recommended to the home via local pastors. Most of the girls are not true orphans, and have a living parent, but come from very difficult homes. They live at the partner’s home during the school year and receive care, discipleship, nourishing food, health care and education. In the summers or holidays breaks, they return to their family. It is common for them to be malnourished, sick and often depressed upon their return from break due to the hard conditions at home.  

Join (un)adopted in supporting Asia

Goal - $20,000

The Global Care Initiative is Lifeline's newest endeavor to provide resources to in-country teams and partners around the world! As our ministry serves in over 19+ countries through adoption and (un)adopted, our heart at Lifeline is to ensure that local believers are not only aware of the orphan care crisis in their community and what the gospel teaches regarding our involvement, but also are equipped to do the ministry the Lord has called them to do.

Through the Global Care Initiative we are empowering the local church in each country by providing training, education, resources, and curriculum that they will be leading out in their own communities. The Global Care Initiative will provide the educational means to support our partners all over the world through our various ministries at Lifeline.

Aside from our partners in India, (un)adopted partners with 2 other ministries in Asia: the Maoming Foster Center in China and Developing Hope in Pakistan. 

We are excited to have the opportunity to share specific ways you, your family or your church can come alongside these ministries! Your generosity will play a crucial role in the care of many vulnerable children around the world!

Each gift matters and is tax deductible.