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Put your very own hobbies, talents, and passions to work to raise funds for the kids in our care. When we say "Fundraise Your Way," we mean it!​

Create your personalized fundraiser to help support The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital! Share your skills and talents (baking, knitting, music lessons) to inspire your friends and family to donate. Or challenge yourself with a running, biking, reading, or creative goal, and ask your community to pledge their support. You might also "gift" your birthday and ask for donations instead of presents, or create a fundraising page to honor a holiday or anniversary, etc. The possibilities are as big as your imagination!

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Why Join?

Support from our community (yes, you!) allows us to continue giving every ill and injured child the things they need for comfort, hope and healing – from the little things to the lifesaving ones. 

To help make stories like Emily's possible - stories of hope, healing and happiness...

From the moment Emily King came into this world, her family knew she was extraordinary. Emily was born at just 32 and a half weeks. Due to a lack of amniotic fluid, Emily’s lungs were underdeveloped and she was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. Emily spent seven weeks at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital (BBCH) before finally going home for the first time.

In March 2019, what appeared as a typical cold for two-year-old Emily soon became life-threatening. Doctors were unable to stabilize her condition and determined that because her lungs were too weak to recover she would need a double-lung transplant to survive. Only 36 hours after being placed on the transplant list, Emily received the incredible gift of life: A pair of lungs that would give her a fighting chance.

Emily is truly a light that shines brightly for not only the King family, but also in her community. Many people continue to follow her story and love her larger-than-life personality. Emily’s mother, Stephanie, says, “Without the care that she received and continues to receive at BBCH, we would not have gotten the chance to get to know such a special human being past her second birthday!”

Today, Emily is a happy, healthy six-year-old who loves to dance, cook and pretend to be a doctor. She and her family take every opportunity to honor her young lung donor, Hannah, through small acts of kindness.