Bjorn's Housewarming Bonanza

Bjorn's Housewarming Bonanza supporting Friends of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo
Friends of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Andean Bear Facts

Bjorn is our newest zoo resident, an Andean bear! Here's some fun facts about Andean bears:

  • ​Andean bears live in a variety of mountain habitats, most notably the Andes mountains of South America from western Venezuela to Bolivia
  • Andean bears are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and plant-based diets
  • Andean bears are typically solitary, like Bjorn, but can be found in higher concentrations near abundant food sources
  • Andean bears have distinctive beige or ginger-colored markings across their face and necks. They are also known as spectacled bears because these marking often make it look like they are wearing spectacles!

Bjorn can't wait to meet you!

Bjorn is our newest resident here at Rosamond Gifford Zoo. He is a young Andean bear with tons of personality! Be sure to stop by his exhibit on your next visit to the zoo.

As a warm welcome, we want to outfit Bjorn's exhibit with housewarming gifts, including enrichment items for him to play with! As a strong, young bear Bjorn needs extra tough toys, which can be pretty pricey, so we're asking for your help to make Bjorn feel at home here at the zoo.

Here is a list of our hoped-for housewarming gifts:

  • ​9" Shires Ball Feeder ($24)
  • Amazing Graze ($56)
  • Hay Play 17" Slow Feeder ($83)
  • Bongo Feeder ($142)
  • The Honeycomb ($142)
  • Aussie Dog Super 8 Toy ($115)
  • Funny Float ($196)
  • Tire Feeder ($188)
  • Oblong Stone ($125)
  • Prima Rocker ($292)
  • Hanging Food Ball ($142)
  • Food Ball Puzzle ($180)
  • Hyena Enrichment Toy ($430)
  • Plus Shipping! (roughly $350)

Any donations help to make Bjorn at home. We can't wait to see him play with all of his new toys!