Books For Africa's 2021 Fundraising Campaign

Child2Child Book Foundation


Celebrating the 50 Millionth Book to Africa!

Hello Child2Child Book Foundation supporters! What an honor it is to be recognized by your love and support.  We are thrilled to be part of the Books for Africa family and to be recognized as the youngest container captains. As part of BFA's 50 Millionth Book to Africa celebration, we look forward to sending our first shipment to Nigeria soon (before the end of the year), so your support at this time is really appreciated.

What began as a volunteer opportunity with Books for Africa has morphed into a dream, an idea and now a real non-profit organization doing so much good for our home countries where we grew up. The five of us (aged 13 to 15) are so happy we put in all the hard work especially during this time. When this idea was birthed in 2019, we had no idea how important and relevant it would be in 2020. 

Malala has been our idol - as a young girl just like us, she took the world by storm when she was determined to pursue her education at all cost. As young teenage girls ourselves, we stand on her shoulders to share what has been the cornerstone of our own education - READING! We know the books we send to children in Ghana and Nigeria will change lives! Join us to make this happen.

Child2Child Book Foundation