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Boot Salute

The Impact Your Participation Will Have

Retired U.S. Air Force Veteran Kyle Baglia came to Boot Campaign when he realized that his thoughts were so destructive they had driven him to the point of taking his life.

With a desire to be the man of selfless service that he was when he signed up for the military, he shares how our Health & Wellness Program lifted him out of the valley he had become lost in.

We’re so grateful for Veterans like Kyle who raised their right hand to serve, but also put in the work necessary to experience healing.

Boot Campaign exists to provide individualized treatment to Veterans struggling to overcome hidden wounds of war, such as brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, self-medication and insomnia.

With your support, more Veterans like Kyle will get the tools and treatment they need and so deserve. 

Thank you for your support!

Our nation’s Veterans deserve far more than one day of gratitude. Let’s remind Veterans and military families that they matter, their service matters and it will never be forgotten.

From November 1 through Veterans Day November 11, join Boot Campaign in honoring all who served by raising support in your local community. Get creative with your own unique fundraiser or donate today to start making a difference in the lives of Veterans and military families! 

Participation options to benefit Boot Campaign: 

  • Donate | Make a donation to support Veterans involved in our life-changing programs at Boot Campaign. See the impact your donation will have on Veterans and military families below.

  • Create a Fundraiser | With your own, shareable fundraising page, you can easily encourage or challenge your community to join you in supporting the Veterans we serve at Boot Campaign. Whether you want to host a bake sale, backyard BBQ, digital fundraiser or poker night, the possibilities are endless and we’ve made it easy for you to get started. Simply create an account, set your personal fundraising goal, share it with friends, and celebrate your successes. Visit our website for more digital and in-person fundraising ideas!