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How Your Support Makes A Difference

With your support, we can find a cure for neuroblastoma, while reducing the highly toxic nature of treatment. One day, we hope antibodies will replace chemotherapy.

Band of Parents is the top independent backer of neuroblastoma research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). Our mission is to seek projects that have already been examined in the lab and are in need of assistance to rapidly move into a patient population. In the 1980s, fewer than 5% of children diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma survived. Although today, most major medical centers like MSKCC have over a 50% survival rate, far too many children are still dying of this disease. The sad fact is that due to the high cost of research and the small number of children diagnosed annually, pediatric cancer is severely underfunded by both the pharmaceutical industry and the federal government. Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s funding goes to fight pediatric cancer. We support our members through their children’s battle with neuroblastoma. Together, we are Bound by Hope that a cure is out there. We will continue this fight until not a single child is lost to this disease.

The Band of Parents is a member-based grassroots organization with the goal of funding innovative clinical trials and new therapies for neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive cancer that mostly strikes children. 

Our mission is to fast track a cure through less toxic and targeted therapies.  

To date, Band of Parents has committed more than $10 million to pediatric cancer research.  Learn more at

Change lives by asking for donations instead of gifts on your next birthday.

Make your birthday extra special this year! When you donate your birthday by fundraising for Band of Parents, you are actively helping us to fund clinical trials and less toxic treatment, giving more children the opportunity to reach their next birthday.

It's incredibly easy - it only takes a minute - simply click on the Register button and let your family and friends know you prefer donations instead of gifts this year. Their support will give children diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a fighting chance to beat this horrible disease and raise survival rates.

Together we can make a difference!