Brain Power Happy Hour


What is provided?

Trivia, shareable apps, drinks, swag bags, prizes, yard games and some fun. Watch your inbox for event updates as we get closer to the event.


What is the brain power trivia format?

Geeks Who Drink (yup, those folks that bring you great pub trivia) will be running the trivia portion of the event, so it is guaranteed to stir your thinking.


What are the rules?

No shouting out answers, no cell phones— we will provide a “cage” (designated area on the table) for you to house phones during each round, and be nice. Geeks Who Drink will line out all the details at the event for us.


How do you prevent cheating?

Staff will be monitoring the trivia floor throughout the event. All team's cell phones must be put away or be placed in their "cage" (designated area or away) at the start of each round and remain there until the end of the round. There is a zero tolerance policy for cheating - teams suspected will not be eligible for prizes. Tables cannot be combined and teams cannot help other teams. TRIVIA PRO TIP: Bring white boards or note pads to communicate with your team members quietly!


Who Can Participate?

Teams can be made up of folks 21 and older. They may come from businesses, friends and family, neighborhoods, or other community organizations. As long as they are signed up with a team and the team meets the $1000 fundraising requirement they can join.


Can people not associated with a team attend?

No, sorry. You must be signed up with a team to participate.


What are the prizes?
For which category? There’s more than just the smartest!

Winning Team | Losing Team | Best Team Spirit | Top Individual Fundraiser | Top Fundraising Team


What should our team bring?

Since team spirit is a prize winning category, we recommend you wear costumes and bring fun supplies to decorate your team’s table with!


Does everyone on the team have to raise $125?

No. As long as your team has raised a total of $1000 by playing time on May 3 you are good to go. If you haven’t hit $1000 when you arrive on April 11 you’ll need to pay the difference with a check or credit card.


When are the fundraising deadlines?

March 15th:  Whatever fundraising level your team is at on this day is the level you’ll be recognized with in print on swag (if applicable) and signs. See “Sponsorship Opportunities” for more information.

April 11th: Your team must have raised $1000 to participate.

Additional Questions? Please contact us at​