Brain Power Happy Hour

Tips On How to Fundraise


It works! Everyone reads email. It’s a quick and effective way to reach possible donors. And, most people are comfortable with online transactions. With an email all they have to do is click a link to donate.

Templates: Use the email templates provided as a tool on your fundraising page. Make sure to customize the email to sound more like yourself and add a personal story.

Customize your email signature: Insert a short line like “Help me reach my full brain power for RMHC-KC: “ “I’m doing something POWERFUL for Ronald McDonald House” and provide a link to your fundraising page. You can fundraise with every email that you send!

In Person

Nothing is as powerful or difficult to deny as a face-to-face ask.

· It costs $99 a night to house a family in need and there are 87 families that stay with us nightly.

· Print and hang up a sign or donation form at your desk at work.

· Ask if your office can have a jeans day where each participant donates $5.

· Hold a dinner party for your friends and ask for donations in lieu of wine or sides.

· Ask those that you regularly give money to. Your doctor, veterinarian, insurance agent, etc.

· Remember that if someone says no they aren’t saying no to you, they’re just saying not right now.


Facebook and social media are an easy way to connect with friends and family, and an easy way to fundraise. Posting regularly is an effective way to update everyone on your progress and make them feel like a part of your team, even if they aren’t participating with you.

· Post shareable content. No one is going to read or share that long text post. Instead, take a photo of yourself  studying and brushing up on your trivia knowledge in a creative way to catch their attention.

· Change your profile photo to promote the event.

· Publicly challenge a team member to see who can raise more money and post periodic updates.

· Follow RMHC-KC on Facebook at and share our posts so your friends and family know that you are raising money to keep families close. We have an event set up on the Facebook page so mark that you are ‘going’ and share with friends so they can learn about the event.

· One fundraising ask is not enough on social media. Someone may see your post and not have their wallet with them or be in the middle of something and forget to donate. Ask again and let them support you!


It is easiest to use the website, but you can also collect cash/checks donations. You can either bring with you to the event or you can mail them ahead of time so they’re reflected in your team fundraising total. Make sure that the checks are made out to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City and indicate what team and individual the donation is for.

Mail to:


Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City

Attn: Brain Power Happy Hour

2502 Cherry Street

Kansas City, MO 64108