Central Bark - Fort Lauderdale, FL


Help Unleash a Cure!®

Central Bark facilities around the country are joining forces for our first annual Giving Campaign benefiting Animal Cancer Foundation. By doing so, we come together to spread public awareness and to raise money to fund life-saving cancer research for both pets and people!

We ask our Central Bark community, family and friends to take part in this Giving Campaign. Why? Because 1 in 4 dogs and 1 in 5 people will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone.  Because the most common cancers in our dogs are also very common in people, especially in children. Deepening our understanding of these naturally occurring canine cancers allows researchers to discover new treatments more effectively for both pets and people. 

Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF) is the largest national nonprofit organization dedicated solely to uniting pet & human research for a cure. Since 1999, ACF has funded innovative research in comparative oncology to find a cure for the millions of pets and people with cancer and has been a facilitator of collaborative comparative oncology initiatives.

Dogs are more than just pets; they are loyal companions and family members who love us unconditionally. They bring joy, love and laughter to our lives. They teach us to appreciate the simple things in life, and to be grateful for every moment we share with them.

Central Bark and Animal Cancer Foundation share a common understanding of one of the most serious problems facing our dogs and their owners, and the opportunities for common solutions. So we ask you to take part in our Giving Campaign and become one of our valued citizen scientists!

Central Bark - Fort Lauderdale, FL