Allison Vandenberg

Allison Vandenberg

For Kids with Cancer, For Now, For Life

Hi friends and family,

I am proud to join the #ChampionKidsCancer challenge and host events to raise funds and awareness for the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO).

At this very moment, there are 4,000 kids battling cancer in Ontario. By supporting POGO, we will be making a promise to these children that we will help them through diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

POGO turns your support into action through:

•    Financial assistance to families to help with out-of-pocket costs such as babysitting, food and accommodation when their child is diagnosed with cancer
•    Special education and employment supports to survivors that face learning challenges as a result of their cancer and/or treatment
•    Research that utilizes POGO’s unique database to improve care and better outcomes for kids with cancer

Please join me in championing kids’ cancer care by making a donation today!

Thank you in advance for your incredible support. Together we can achieve so much.

Allison Vandenberg