AC Paw

AC Paw started as the vision of two people, Brian Manley and June McGrath, to ensure a safe haven for animals from abuse, hunger, disease, and death. AC PAW was founded to give these animals a second chance at life. We all know too well the overpopulation problem happening at animal shelters, so one of our core missions is to spay/neuter all of our rescued animals prior to adoption.

Cognition Discovery Center

COGNiTiON is a museum-style science and discovery center in Beulah full of interactive exhibits. The hands-on learning opportunities, live animals, and friendly facilitators make it fun and interesting for kids of all ages! This is a place where families can come make memories, generations can connect over shared experiences, and our youth can see horizons of interest and possibility open before them. There are always new explorations and a variety of subjects so that each visit is different and engaging. Being in a rural community that has an influx of seasonal visitors, Cognition serves families of all different backgrounds. Socio-economic challenges face many of the children and families in this region, especially in the face of the pandemic. 40% of year round residents live at or below the poverty level (ALICE, United Way data). The center offers quality opportunities to families that might not otherwise be able to experience anything like it. May the community be empowered, guests be enlightened, and minds of all ages be challenged and inspired!

Love Thy Neighbor - Grand Traverse

Love Thy Neighbor was founded in 1988 with its mission to make caring connections to promote positive change in the lives of families and individuals. Love Thy Neighbor has the Life Skills Ministry which offers classes to teach practical skills and useful information to help make life changes. Our Bridge Ministries offer solutions to the immediate needs of our neighbors in crisis. The Change Partnership was created to provide one on one mentoring to further promote life changes. At Love Thy Neighbor, we use the love of Jesus to establish caring relationships to transform lives.

Thank you to our Signature Sponsors

SwingShift and the Stars was conceived in 2008 by Judy Harrison – President and Owner of Community Impact Partners – who was compelled to create an event that would combine two of her passions: music and philanthropy.  Having attended many community fundraisers, she saw an opportunity to reintroduce some FUN into these events and make them an irresistible experience for donors and sponsors. As technology seeks to streamline all facets of life, Judy and her team also recognized the need to help the community build and maintain relationships in a tangible way. By combining a healthy dose of good-natured competition with an affordable opportunity for nonprofits to educate the community about their mission and local businesses to support them in sustainable ways– SwingShift and the Stars was born!​

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With all the changes in the world since we last hosted a season, we want all donors, watchers and lovers-of-community to feel safe and engaged as they participate in SwingShift and the Stars.  Maybe you're able (and lucky enough) to watch this season's events in person on Sept 17, 18, Nov 5 or 6. OR we cordially invite you to watch our professionally produced recap/behind-the-scenes streaming of:

SwingShift and the Stars: Beyond the competition

Watch Ballroom dances on any of these dates:

-October 1st @ 7pm             -October 22nd @ 7pm

-October 2nd @ 7pm            -October 23rd @ 7pm

-October 3rd @ 3pm            -October 24th @ 3pm

Watch Lip Sync performances on any of these dates:

-November 19th @ 7pm             -December 3rd @ 7pm

-November 20th @ 7pm             -December 4th @ 7pm

-November 21st @ 3pm              -December 5th @ 3pm