Do-It-Your-Way Fundraising supporting Colon Cancer Foundation
Do-It-Your-Way Fundraising

Where Your Hard Earned Dollars Go?

Every dollar counts in the fight against colorectal cancer. And because of generous supporters like you we are able to continue our life-saving public awareness campaigns that reach millions of Americans each year. We're also able to continue our support of researchers who are investigating the cause of colorectal cancer that is now affecting Americans as young as 20-29. We don't know why but we are going to find out! We are so grateful that you are donating your time, effort and donations to understanding this deadly but preventable disease. 

Why On Time Screening Is SO Important

Colorectal cancer is one of the MOST preventable and treatable cancers IF caught early. Unfortunately, approximately 1/3 of eligible Americans are not getting screened for colorectal cancer on time. THAT means their cancer is often caught at a later stage and their lives are often cut short by the disease.

Colorectal cancer is also on the rise in younger Americans. Many younger Americans and even their physicians aren't aware that colorectal cancer can affect them. They don't recognize the symptoms and signs of the disease. And, unfortunately the majority of these young patients will be diagnosed at a late stage and also lose their life to the disease. 

The simple fact is we don't have to lose our loved ones to this disease. IF we can tell enough of our friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors about the disease and the importance of getting screened and knowing the symptoms and signs we can SAVE LIVES. 

Fundraising Doesn't Have To Be Scary!

Fundraising may sound scary, but we make it super simple. We have a team ready to help if you have any questions, if you just want to brainstorm ideas or talk through next steps. We are here for you every step of the way!

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Are you ready to make an even bigger difference in the colorectal cancer community? Ready to put your own stamp on fundraising? Have an out of the box idea? Create your own fundraising event - Do It YOUR way! 

Whether you are celebrating your own cancerversary or hosting an event in honor of a colorectal cancer warrior you know and love, Do-It-YOUR-Way fundraising is an impactful and totally fun way to provide immeasurable support to the thousands of survivors, caregivers, clinicians and researchers we serve. 

Do-It-YOUR-Way! ​