Mission Trips 2025

Mission Trips 2025 Impacting the World for Christ
Des Moines Christian School

Team St. Louis


Restore St. Louis is a ministry of New City Fellowship Church in St. Louis, Missouri, which leads a variety of outreach in the city.  Students will spend their spring break building ramps, staining decks, painting rooms, cleaning and organizing, moving furniture, doing yard work, and visiting with senior citizens to share the love of Christ by meeting the needs of the community.

“There’s a certain beauty in the brokenness of the city and it is simply aching to be fostered. Restore St. Louis is working to foster this beauty while also sharing the love of Christ on the way. I love working in broken places because we are all broken people in need of healing,” said Cora Murphy (‘25). “I realized that we as Christians are called to serve, but the reason we serve is so that we may grow our family of believers!”

This will be the third year DMC students have served with Restore St. Louis.

Team Abaco

Team Abaco, which is located in the Bahamas, will work first hand with Haitian refugees that are looking to begin a new life outside of the country of Haiti. This upstart to their life provides opportunities for our mission trip members to evangelize through VBS Bible Camps, community outreach, new building projects, and agricultural sustainability projects.

“Our trips center around giving you opportunities to use your God-given talents together, while working alongside the Haitian people. Our goal is to immerse you in the culture of Haiti, providing opportunities for God to speak as you take action in His global church.”

 - Tim Brand, CEO Many Hands for Haiti

Team Honduras

Team Honduras will have the unique opportunity to work alongside community members to help empower them with the resources they need to provide food, education, healthcare and assistance for their families and neighbors, bringing hope in the midst of difficult circumstances.

"The Honduras trip allowed me to witness the blessings of answers to prayer, develop deep fellowship with Hondurans and fellow students, and learn to put my faith into action. It's a beautiful opportunity to see God at work in, around, and through you in a new way that brings life-altering change to your daily life." - M'Lynn De Ronde '24

"During my trip to Honduras, I learned how God works through the nations. The blessings we received were immeasurable to anything else. Putting my faith to work was a life changing experience, especially to see how it helped the communities. Honduras is a place where I truly saw and felt God, and that forever changed my life." - Adrian Phelps '24

Mission Trip Gift Policy

Your contribution supports our DMC mission trip program.  In order for a student to participate in one of the 2024 mission trips, each is required to raise at least $3000 toward the estimated total mission trip expenses of $80,000.  If for any reason a student does not end up participating or if the school has to cancel the trip, the contributions he/she has solicited will remain with the DMC mission trip fund.  Contributions are non-refundable. 

Be Brave. Be Bold. Love Big. Students at Des Moines Christian School are provided the opportunity to live out their bold calling on an international mission field through an annual high school mission trip. After years of preparation through local missions, students are ready to take the Gospel to impact the world for Christ. They will bravely follow what the Lord asks them to do, boldly believe Him to provide each step of the way, and love the people of St. Louis, Abaco, and Honduras.

This year we have over 30 students and chaperones participating in our mission trips. In St. Louis, we will work with Restore St. Louis, a ministry of New City Fellowship Church, to do service projects like staining decks, painting rooms, cleaning and organizing, doing yard work, and visiting with senior citizens to share the love of Christ by meeting the needs of the community. In Honduras, we will serve alongside MDM Hondruas to provide medical missions, complete construction projects, and do outreach evangelism.  In Abaco, students will serve alongside Many Hands for Haiti by working with Haitian refugees who are beginning a new life. Ministry outreach includes VBS Bible camps, compassion ministry, and agricultural projects.

The cost of each trip covers trip expenses such as airfare, lodging, transportation within the country, travel insurance, outreach project expenses, and meals.  Each student will be responsible for raising a portion of these group expenses.  Please consider making a contribution to help make this trip possible for our students.

Mission Trip Dates:

Trip 1: Honduras  |  March 15-22, 2025 over Spring Break

Mission Partner: MDM Honduras  Fundraising goal per student: $3000

Trip 2: Abaco  |  May 24-May 31, 2025 right after school is out

Mission Partner: Many Hands for Haiti  Fundraising goal per student: $3000

Trip 3: St. Louis  |  March 15-22, 2025 over Spring Break
Mission Partner: Restore St. Louis / New City Fellowship  Fundraising goal per student: $600