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DogFest LA/OC 2023

About DogFest LA/OC 2023

Gather your friends, family and dogs for a day of fun!

DogFest is a festival with vendor booths, food, drinks, and activities for the whole family. All Canine Companions' dogs and pet dogs are welcome. The event is open to the public and FREE!

The human-canine bond is truly unique. On our happiest and hardest of days, our dogs love us endlessly. They are our everyday heroes in so many ways. Whether as assistance dogs, working dogs or pet dogs, there are countless tales of man's best friend doing amazing things. Join the fun at your local DogFest or participate virtually as we celebrate the joy dogs bring to our lives. Registration is free. Fundraising is encouraged. There are sponsorshipvolunteer and vendor opportunities too!

When registering, be sure to indicate you are bringing a dog to get your free DogFest dog bandana. Then fundraise to qualify for some fun DogFest swag!​ 

Be sure to check out our Facebook event page for the latest on DogFest LA/OC, participate in dog-friendly activities and let people know why you are participating. You can even download this fun sign and let everyone know how your dog brings you joy.

DogFest supports the mission of Canine Companions to enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing expertly trained service dogs free of charge. These service dogs make a profound impact through the jobs they do like opening doors, picking up dropped items, alerting to sounds and much more.

Event schedule coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Canine Companions' Impact Since 1975

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Starts at:  August 26, 2023 2:00 PM
Ends at:  August 26, 2023 8:00 PM


SteelCraft Garden Grove
12900 South Euclid Street
Garden Grove,CA 92840 USA



Why We Fundraise

Canine Companions transforms the lives of people with disabilities by providing expertly trained service dogs. Our dogs perform practical tasks that enhance independence and reduce reliance on others. They aren't just the eyes and ears, hands and legs of their human partners, they're also goodwill ambassadors and often, our best friends. A student achieves their dreams of attending college. A veteran gets a good night sleep. A patient can endure an additional procedure. Lives are transformed after being matched and working with a Canine Companions service dog.

According to the U.S. Census, nearly 1 in 4 people in the U.S. have a disability. While it costs approximately $50,000 to raise and train every Canine Companions service dog and provide ongoing support to the human-canine team, each dog is provided to the recipient completely FREE of charge. Canine Companions has placed over 7,500 service dogs, but more than 400 people with disabilities are still waiting for a match.  

Our service dogs open up new opportunities and spread incredible joy. By raising funds through DogFest, you support our mission and the people we serve. Thank you.

Canine Companions in LA/OC area

  • ​96 active graduates 
  • 43 active puppy raisers 

Story of Independence

Dynamic Duo Provide Beacon of Hope

At the Children’s Health of Orange County (CHOC) hospital, patients can receive care from a special dynamic duo. Facility Dogs Lois and Odessa play an integral part on the child life team and have direct impacts on patients’ clinical outcomes.  

Lois and her handler, Child Life Specialist Chloe, help hospitalized children and teens meet their clinical goals. “Lois provides endless support, whether it is motivating a young child to walk after surgery, educating a patient about a procedure or snuggling with a patient during a difficult conversation,” Chloe shares. 

Child Life Specialist Janessa and Facility Dog Odessa work in the hospital’s mental health inpatient center. Odessa helps decrease patients’ stress, anxiety and discomfort through deep pressure therapy and encourages self-expression through pawprint painting. Janessa shares, “Odessa provides a soft place to land when emotions are hard to process, listens intentionally and non-judgmentally and offers unconditional love and acceptance.” 

Together, they provide a beacon of hope and joy, helping to move patients forward on their important journeys.   

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