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DogFest Northwest 2023

About DogFest Northwest 2023

Fundraise for Canine Companions through DogFest Northwest. Host or join an event on September 30th to celebrate.

The human-canine bond is truly unique. On our happiest and hardest of days, our dogs love us endlessly. They are our everyday heroes in so many ways. Whether as assistance dogs, working dogs or pet dogs, there are countless tales of man's best friend doing amazing things. Join the fun at your local DogFest or participate virtually as we celebrate the joy dogs bring to our lives. Registration is free. Fundraising is encouraged. There are sponsorship and volunteer opportunities too!

When registering, be sure to indicate you are bringing a dog to get your free DogFest dog bandana. Then fundraise to qualify for some fun DogFest swag!

Be sure to check out our Facebook event page  for the latest on DogFest Northwest, participate in dog-friendly activities and let people know why you are participating. You can even download this fun sign and let everyone know how your dog brings you joy.

DogFest supports the mission of Canine Companions to enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing expertly trained service dogs free of charge. These service dogs make a profound impact through the jobs they do like opening doors, picking up dropped items, alerting to sounds and much more.

Join us for a Halloween-themed, canine-centric virtual event benefiting Canine Companions. Celebrate with us from all over the Northwest Region - from Sacramento, CA to Seattle, WA, to Shelby, MT and everywhere in between!

Don’t miss out on DogFest. Join the fun!

Canine Companions' Impact Since 1975

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Starts at:  September 29, 2022 2:00 AM
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Why We Fundraise

Canine Companions transforms the lives of people with disabilities by providing expertly trained service dogs. Our dogs perform practical tasks that enhance independence and reduce reliance on others. They aren't just the eyes and ears, hands and legs of their human partners, they're also goodwill ambassadors and often, our best friends. A student achieves their dreams of attending college. A veteran gets a good night sleep. A patient can endure an additional procedure. Lives are transformed after being matched and working with a Canine Companions service dog.

According to the U.S. Census, nearly 1 in 4 people in the U.S. have a disability. While it costs approximately $50,000 to raise and train every Canine Companions service dog and provide ongoing support to the human-canine team, each dog is provided to the recipient completely FREE of charge. Canine Companions has placed over 7,500 service dogs, but more than 400 people with disabilities are still waiting for a match.  

Our service dogs open up new opportunities and spread incredible joy. By raising funds through DogFest, you support our mission and the people we serve. Thank you.

Canine Companions in the Northwest

  • More than 690 active graduates 
  • More than 310 active puppy raisers 

Stories of Independence

Faith and Service Dog Claude

20-year-old Faith of Sacramento has amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome (AMPS), a medical condition that causes her nerves to fire randomly, causing pain throughout her body.

In 2020, Faith was matched with Service Dog Claude free of charge. Claude is expertly trained in more than 45 tasks to help enhance Faith’s independence, and having him makes it possible for Faith to do more with less fatigue. With a wagging tail, Claude happily picks up dropped items like Faith’s cellphone and keys for her, opens and closes doors and drawers, turns on and off lights and more.

The physical benefits of having a service dog have been more than Faith could have imagined. “Not only has Claude been a light in my life emotionally, but also physically.” Faith shares, “He’s just happy to go out and play or go on a walk. Having Claude has pushed my physical limits and helps strengthen me. Because of the exercise I get with him, I’ll be able to stay out of a wheelchair longer.”

Luke and Service Dog


27-year-old Luke of Truckee, CA has always been an athlete. Ten years ago, Luke was in a snowboarding accident that caused a spinal cord injury, leaving him unable to walk. Now he uses a wheelchair for mobility and continues to participate in the snow sports he loves, albeit a bit differently.

In 2019, Luke was matched with Service Dog Rummy free of charge. Since then, Luke has been able to keep up his active lifestyle thanks to the life-changing assistance Rummy provides.

Luke shares, “Rummy helps me daily with picking things up, pulling me in my wheelchair, turning on and off lights, and so much more. His ability to pull me is nothing short of amazing and it helps save my shoulders from overuse, allowing me to keep up with my active lifestyle.”

Megan and Service Dog Pumpkin

Megan lives in Portland, OR with her husband and two stepchildren. Trauma Megan experienced during her time in the National Guard left her with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and she applied for a service dog to help her.
Megan was matched free of charge with Canine Companions Service Dog Pumpkin, who is trained in more than 45 tasks to help mitigate her PTSD symptoms. Pumpkin interrupts Megan’s dissociating behaviors to help keep her present and grounded, performs “front” and “back” commands, providing more physical space for her in public and more commands designed to mitigate her symptoms of PTSD. Pumpkin even intuitively lays on her bathroom floor whenever she showers so Megan feels safe in a place that is extremely triggering for her.

Megan shares, “I went from not being able to leave my house three to four days out of the week. Then Pumpkin comes along, and I think maybe the world isn’t so scary.”

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