DIY Fundraising Campaigns

DIY Fundraising Campaigns supporting Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado & Wyoming
Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado & Wyoming

Why Participate?

1 in 26 will be diagnosed with epilepsy in his or her lifetime. Together with the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado & Wyoming, you can make a difference by spreading awareness and raising funds for unique and critical programs such as Kids Camp, Seizure First Aid training, and mental health support.

Help us achieve our mission by connecting, educating, and empowering those in the epilepsy community to successfully manage their healthcare and lives.

DIY is all about "doing it yourself"! Create a fundraiser of your own for the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado. Starting a fundraiser is quick, easy, and impactful. 

Step 1 - Set a meaningful goal

Step 2 - Click the "Create Fundraiser" button above

Step 3 - Create your fundraising page and start your fundraiser!

Host a dinner party, hike a mountain, create a dance-a-thon, or just send out emails to your friends and family.  You can set a goal, track progress, and encourage and thank the supporters.

Need some inspiration? Contact our team and we'll help you create a DIY event to remember. Get creative and invite your friends to be a part of our mission! Questions? Email