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In 2022, the Kimberly Home is celebrating its 39th year serving Pinellas County. As we continue to serve mothers, their children, and families we are looking for you to join us in support of HOPE. This year we focus on HOPE, which is a part of our mission statement and your donation will go towards creating that HOPE for a mother, a baby, and even a family. By providing emotional and physical support for those who come through our doors at the Pregnancy Center. HOPE for a mom who was facing raising her baby on the street or in her car. She now can come to the Kimberly Home and find HOPE through our transitional housing program. And finally, our families find hope through the support of our Childcare and Thrift Shoppes. They provide assistance, caring individuals, and the support they need to go to the next level. 

Can I do a recurring gift?

Yes, recurring gifts are a great way to make a larger donation in smaller increments. Each donor who provides a recurring gift is considered a Guardian Angel and is recognized for their continued support. 

Recurring gifts allow us to look towards the future with anticipation of new programs. One of these new programs we desire to see open is our FATHERS program. We want to come alongside new dads and help them for fatherhood. 

The Kimberly Home Pregnancy Center is a 501c3 organization that is supported by churches, businesses, individuals, grants, and fundraisers.  All of our services are free to our clients, including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, education, and housing. 

We believe every baby deserves to be cared for and wanted. Our desire is to provide support, mentorship, and education to each new mother. 

Prenatal and Parenting education is offered to any client who is pregnant or has a child under the age of one, so clients can learn to be the best parent they can be.  By participating in our program, clients earn “points” that can be used to purchase brand new items for their baby such as cribs, car seat/stroller combos, etc., as well as baby clothing, diapers, and everything a baby needs during their first year.  These classes, also provide an opportunity for our clients to learn vital life skills like budgeting, nutrition for themselves and their children, cooking, and care for their children. 

We are raising funds and volunteers so we may offer a Fatherhood Program that focuses on educating fathers and expecting fathers on healthy habits for cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships with their children and significant other. 

At Kimberly Home, we are here to support women within Pinellas County with resources, emotional and physical support, and education, along with providing housing for those who are facing homelessness. With your support, lives are being changed, families are being helped, and individuals have found HOPE and a NEW BEGINNING again.

Your donation helps to change hearts, and build stronger families.