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GBN Boys Lacrosse Supports DB7

On February 24, Orange Theory - Northbrook hosted Glenbrook North's Boys Lacrosse team for a tough workout.  Thank you Orange Theory and thank you to all that participated.  The Foundation raised $650.

Friday Night Lights Glow Run (Walk)

Join us on July 7, 2023, for the Friday Night Lights Glow Run (or Walk), an event organized by Dylan's foundation to raise mental health awareness and fund cutting-edge research for mental health treatments. Embrace the spirit of Dylan's inspiration, step outside, and engage in this vibrant glow run. Register for the event at https://p2p.onecause.com/friday-night-lights-glow-run/ and consider making a donation to support the foundation's important work.

We invite you to share your participation and event pictures with us via DM on our Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/dylanbucknerfoundation7/. We will be delighted to feature your posts on our story. Help us spread the word and show your support by using the hashtag --  #dylanbucknerfoundation

How your Support Makes a Difference

The Dylan Buckner Foundation is dedicated to two primary goals. First, we aim to raise awareness that mental health is a disease just like any other, and it is crucial for individuals affected to seek help rather than suffer in silence. Second, we strive to provide financial support for innovative alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical treatments.

The conventional approach of relying on pharmaceuticals for mental health conditions can be an extensive and frustrating process. It often takes months, or even years, to find an effective combination of drugs. This prolonged period of trial and error, involving 4-8 weeks of titration, followed by the realization that the medication isn't working, additional weeks to reduce dosage, and then restarting the process with a different drug, leaves individuals in pain without a timely solution. We have personally experienced this journey with Dylan, and it can be likened to someone struggling with their weight attempting various diets for months without seeing any progress. It becomes disheartening, and at some point, they may consider giving up.

To address these challenges, we have engaged in discussions with Stanford Medical School regarding several trials that explore non-traditional pharmaceutical approaches. Although our attempt to enroll Dylan in one of these trials was initially hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic, we received confirmation in February 2021, approximately 30 days after Dylan's passing, that the trial had reopened. We are actively collaborating with Stanford and other institutions to identify promising alternatives, and the foundation is committed to providing financial support to facilitate the delivery of these solutions to those in need.