Funds raised through this campaign will directly support ETM teaching corps growth and development to enable ETM to deliver on our promise to ensure as many NYC children have music in the classroom.

  1. ​Sign-on Bonuses: ETM is seeking funds new teacher incentives that complete at least one semester in the schools.

  2. Teaching Certification: One of the core benefits of being an ETM teacher is the mentorship, training, and pathway towards certification. 

  3. Transportation Support: We have schools in all the 5 boroughs. Commutes may be over an hour each way crossing bridges and tunnels on a daily basis. We want to defray the costs teachers will encounter.

  4. Referral Bonus: Word of mouth is a powerful recruiting tool. ETM would like to offer teachers a referral bonus for teacher recommendations that work with ETM at least one semester.

  5. Retention Bonuses:  We want to recognize the teachers that we have that are currently working diligently to bring music to the classroom.

In total, ETM is looking to raise $90,000 to meet the needs of our partner schools and the city of New York.

Education Through Music is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and donations are 100% tax deductible.

The nationwide teacher shortage is impacting ETM's ability to recruit high-quality music teachers and meet the needs of our students and school partners in 2021-22. ETM is running a special campaign to raise $90,000 above and beyond our anticipated budget, to recruit additional music teachers and ensure we can fulfill our mission in full this school year. 

Thanks to the generous support from members of the ETM Board, all donations made through December 1, will be matched dollar for dollar! Please consider doubling the impact of your donation with a gift today.


The pandemic has impacted the teaching profession in a number of ways; from hesitancy to move to New York City, to increased cost of living expenses. While at the same time, the demand for music in the schools has actually RISEN. ETM partner schools have requested a 50% increase in the number of music classes taught at their school from last year to this. 

  • FACT 1: 33% of teachers said Covid-19 has made them more likely to resign or retire early

  • FACT 2: There are more teacher retirements and burnout-related exits than students graduating with education degrees

  • FACT 3: NYC schools have increased teacher salaries by more than 35% over the last ten years to address teacher retention and recruitment