Goal - $5,000

(un)adopted partners with an organization ministering to orphaned and vulnerable children through homework clubs, food and clothes distribution, and discipleship programs. Historically, the Roma population in Romania has been excluded and discriminated against in society. Our partner works to bridge the gap and minister to vulnerable children and families in Romania.

Our partner has established and built lasting relationships in several Roma villages around the Fagaras area where the staff meets physical and spiritual needs on a weekly basis for the members of these communities. They coordinate Homework Clubs in these locations, with the desire to provide a safe and stable environment for children to improve academic skills, but more importantly, be exposed to the Gospel. Our partner also serves young people who are aging out of orphan care by providing discipleship opportunities, life skills, and emotional support in order to help them successfully enter into society not only as healthy adults but as believers in Christ.


Goal - $10,000 

Children in Ukraine are prone to separation from their families due to poverty and incentive from the government for children to be in government homes. Our partners work to keep families together and serve children seen as less valuable to their country. The organization began in 2007 partnering with volunteers to visit an orphanage once a month. Currently, they serve 18 orphanages and host 600 children in camps annually with more than 400 volunteers involved. The camps they have developed serve orphans who have suffered trauma and those with special needs. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of orphans have been sent from the orphanages they were living in back into homes where they had suffered abuse, neglect, and environments where they were not cared for. Though our partner has had to adjust their camp environments, they continue to deliver much needed food rations, repair homes in the surrounding community, and provide care for children in at risk situations. Our partners also invest in the community through after-school programs, deaf small groups, and boys and girls clubs.


Goal - $20,000

The Global Care Initiative is Lifeline's newest endeavor to provide resources to in-country teams and partners around the world! As our ministry serves in over 29+ countries through adoption and (un)adopted, our heart at Lifeline is to ensure that local believers are not only aware of the orphan care crisis in their community and what the gospel teaches regarding our involvement, but also are equipped to do the ministry the Lord has called them to do.

Through the Global Care Initiative, we are empowering the local church in each country by providing training, education, resources, and curriculum that they will be leading out in their own communities. The Global Care Initiative will provide the educational means to support our partners all over the world through our various ministries at Lifeline.

(un)adopted® partners with two ministries in Romania and Ukraine.

We are excited to have the opportunity to share specific ways you, your family or your church can come alongside these ministries! Your generosity will play a crucial role in the care of many vulnerable children around the world!

Each gift matters and is tax deductible!