Why support Fund a Life this Giving Tuesday?

Join Bill Tarnacki (right), a Fund a Life donor, who's passion for the organization has grown the past couple years after seeing the impact made in the lives of others first hand.

Bill and his family have a personal experience with a loved one not affording the care needed to survive. Fortunately, Bill has been blessed by a career that afforded him the opportunity to help his family member. 

After that experience and learning about Fund a Life's mission, Bill felt lead to use his blessings to help pay those same opportunities forward for others. He now does this in a number of ways including donating his time, finances, and passion into Fund a Life in a myriad of ways. We are so blessed by Bill and his generous heart!

Each year Fund a Life sets out on a mission to help people overcome crisis moments by "Shining Light in their Darkest Moments." In 2020, our goal has been and continues to be awarding 20 Grants in 2020. 

In 2020 alone, Fund a Life has already awarded $115,000+ to people, organizations, and groups facing overwhelming obstacles in their lives. These grants have provided each of them with something even far more important than the finances physically given: HOPE.

As we near our goal of issuing 20 grants in 2020, #GivingTuesday IS more important for our mission than ever before. The inability to host inspiring in-person events has impacted us all and forced us to reinvent how we attack the impact we are called to make in people's lives. Together, the impact you will lead us in making can and will overcome any challenges we face as an organization.