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How Your Support Makes a Difference

How to Get Involved/How to Help

We want to make it easy for you to raise funds for Farmer Foodshare in your own style! And we’ll give you the tools and suggestions to help you reach success.  Sign up today to create your own fundraising page and then you’ll be able to host events, create and complete personal challenges and donate for any special occasions.


       1. Click the "Join or Start a Team" button and follow the instructions.

       2. Once you've created a page you can share the link with others... it's that simple!

  If you need help, please reach out to and she’ll help you set up your page.


Let friends, family and colleagues know why you are participating and collect donations to help support your North Carolina Farmers and feed your community. 

Every $1 donated supports our core work to feed hungry families, create sales opportunities for local farmers, and educate eaters on the importance of fresh food and how to prepare nutritious meals.

You will not only provide critical funds to help end hunger, but you will also create awareness around the ever-important issue of food insecurity. It’s just another way we can help our neighbors in need.

For more information about Farmer Foodshare, visit

Together we’re Supporting Farmers and People in North Carolina!

Farmer Foodshare: From Seeding to Feeding

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Farmer Foodshare: From Seeding to Feeding with your fundraising efforts. Donors like you are essential to enabling Farmer Foodshare to source, secure and distribute fresh, healthy, locally grown food from North Carolina family farmers to families, children and seniors in need. 

Farmer Foodshare works with North Carolina family farmers, women- and BIPOC-owned farms, and those who are just starting out as farmers to get their produce out of the fields and into people’s hands.

We provide revenue to farmers when we purchase their products; we then sell this healthy local food through our Wholesale Market to partner organizations like food pantries, small markets, restaurants, schools, and local non-profit hunger relief organizations who support people in need.

Farmer Foodshare is a bridge - working with the small, struggling NC family farmers (the "SEEDING") to the pantries, food hubs, schools, and other hunger relief organizations (the "FEEDING")  ​

But we can't do this alone. 

We need your help to generate the funding so we can support our family farms, and distribute this healthy locally grown produce to our partners, customers and friends. 

Here's a testimonial of our work from a family farm in Warren County: 

“Working with Farmer Foodshare’s Wholesale Market for aggregation and distribution of our produce has opened the door to markets that we’d otherwise be unable to serve. The customers that they can reach in more urban regions are just too far and too expensive for us to serve efficiently from a rural county. Farmer Foodshare purchased and distributed tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of our greens that had been chopped by a local processor. That produce went directly into the lunches served in local school cafeterias, feeding the next generation of fresh food eaters, and into the cases at nearby grocery stores, enabling more community members to participate in eating local food.”

Will you join us in this important, critical work, with your financial support?