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Feeding Motherhood: Meals that Matter

About Feeding Motherhood: Meals that Matter

    Meals that Matter nourishes families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with moments of reprieve centered around a comforting meal, activity, or experience. With the support of our partners, donors, and fundraisers, March of Dimes is able to deliver hope, stress relief, and self-care. Meals that Matter also strengthens all March of Dimes mission initiatives, including the critical NICU Family Support®, a program that educates NICU staff and empowers, educates, and supports families through evidence-based programs and a variety of digital and in-person resources while babies are in the NICU and during their transition home.

     “The support groups, weekly meals and care package provided to me by March of Dimes in the time I needed it the most made a difference in my life and provided me a level of comfort that I can never put in words." - Katye, NICU mom. Katye gave birth to Lauren and Bruce, who were born 17 months apart at 24 weeks each. Lauren, born 1lb 2oz, spent five months in the NICU, and Bruce, weighing 1lb 9oz, spent six months in the NICU. Katye is also the mom to Elijah and Roman.

    "A simple meal is more than a meal, it is sustaining. In fact, I've had parents cry in relief when they've been offered a meal in the NICU. When a mom or dad's physical needs are met, they are better equipped to learn, be engaged and care for their fragile child and his or her siblings." - Karen Hill, NICU Family Support Coordinator


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