Feeding Our Neighbors Fundraiser



Thank you SO much for all of your generous donations to FEEDING WESTCHESTER. To date, we have reached half our Team goal of $5000.

So far -19 Teams, and 45 individuals have raised $108,166 towards an overall goal of $250,000. 

Now is the time to re-double our efforts. Covid-19 has put an incredible strain on people. $500 provides 2,000 meals. Those meals go to children, seniors, soup kitchens, shelters and to many others who cannot afford to buy food now. Food banks are now running low on supplies. FEEDING WESTCHESTER is providing meals to 500,000 people a year in Westchester alone. Grocery suppliers used to donate food. Now, they don’t and FEEDING WESTCHESTER must buy all their food on the open market. Prices have also gone up. Since March, FEEDING WESTCHESTER has distributed over 4 million pounds of food. Demand has been so high, that the National Guard were brought in to help. 

Can you please dig just a little bit deeper and help us reach our goal? 

KOHN ARCHITECTURE would like to ask for your help.

Join our team, please donate.