Let Us Match Your Contribution to SPCA Tampa Bay 

If you’ve known the love and companionship of a shelter pet, you understand our passion for animals here at FMA C.P.A. Our fur babies are part of our team, and you’ll probably meet them if you visit our office.

We know you want to show your support for great organizations working hard to save dogs, cats, and other critters. But with the busy day-to-day of running a business, making a donation might fall off your radar. We’re making it easy for you to give to SPCA Tampa Bay and amplify your generosity by matching your contribution.

When you give to SPCA Tampa Bay using this portal, we will match your donation, up to $1,000! That’s right, you get to give double with no extra effort. (At FMA, we’re all about making your money go further.)

SPCA Tampa Bay takes in 20 animals a day including companion animals and wildlife of any age, shape, size, or species. They don’t turn anybody away. They also manage an animal training program and a veterinary hospital. At FMA, we think that’s pretty awesome. But they need support to do what they do.

Click the “Give Now” button at the right to give. Thank you for sharing our love of animals!


Mark Martukovich