Fun Costs Funds supporting Columbus Park Foundation
Columbus Park Foundation

Have you explored one of our many parks with your family? Did your child discover the joy of ice skating during one of our free open skates? Did your children have a safe and healthy place to go during the summer by participating in our day camps and playground programs?

All our programs, trails, parks, and facilities give our entire community a chance to have fun, try new things, and spend time together with family. While our community gets to participate in free programs and activities, fun costs funds.

Funding from the City of Columbus and fees from the programs help provide for some of the expenses that are required to operate the Columbus Parks and Recreation programs, parks, trails, and facilities, but it doesn't cover all the costs especially for our free activities. The Columbus Park Foundation works to fill in these funding gaps.

The Columbus Park Foundation works with Columbus Parks and Recreation to identify specific needs to successfully run programs and facilities, and help provide the funding necessary. Your generosity is the reason the Columbus Park Foundation is able to quickly respond to unexpected needs or opportunities that pop up throughout the year. Your gift of $25, $50, $100, or more gives our community childhood memories and cherished family experiences for years to come.

Your gift will keep the fun going in our community throughout the year!