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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the money go?

Approximately 30% of SafeHomes' annual operating budget must come from community support.  The remaining 70% comes through from state or federal funding and competitive grants.  It is imperative to bridge the gap with community support so that we can continue to offer programs and services that meet the needs of our clients as they transform their lives and break the cycle of abuse in their family.

How much money should I raise?

The great thing about DIY fundraising is that YOU can determine your goal.  It's important to set realistic goals that you feel you can reach, but also challenge yourself and your network of support a bit too!

How can I raise the most money possible for SafeHomes?

To maximize support, you will want to make sure to share the link to your fundraising page often!  Utilize email, social media and texting.  Share as much as you are comfortable about WHY you are passionate about this cause.  If others see your passion and "feel" your "why", they will feel more connected to the cause. 

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law as no goods or services are being rendered to the donor for their gift.

What if my donors need a receipt?

Everyone who donates online will receive an email confirmation receipt for tax purposes.  Anyone who donates via cash or check can also receive a receipt for tax purposes, BUT, the donation must be submitted by mail and include the donor name, address and email.

Where can I mail any checks that are given to me for my DIY campaign?  

SafeHomes, Inc.
c/o DIY Fundraising
PO Box 3187
Augusta, GA 30914

My fundraising dashboard doesn't match what I know I turned in.

Please allow up to 2 weeks from the time you mail the donation to SafeHomes for it to reflect on your fundraising page.  If you do have any questions, please email 

Heal. Empower. Transform.

As the sole organization dedicated to ending domestic violence in the East Central Georgia region, SafeHomes needs your support.  Through countless generous donors and with assistance from foundation grants, we've built a shelter for those who most desperately need our help.  Now, we need your help to stop abuse before ite reaches our doorstep.  Our annual fund is dedicated to preventing extreme cases of violence, both physical and mental, and to giving victims the tools they need to break teh cycle before it's too late. Giving to our programs for early intervention saves lives, families and resources.  Give until it doesn't hurt.  We need your support.

Thank you for your support!

Are you passionate about supporting the mission of SafeHomes, helping to transform victims of domestic violence into survivors? If the answer is yes, a DIY campaign may be a great fit for you!

Occasions: Celebrate your next birthday, anniversary, holiday or other special occasion by asking friends and family to make a donation to SafeHomes.  This is also a great way to honor or remember a loved one who has been impacted by the cause!

Marathons / Races / Sports: Don't just challenge yourself physically, challenge your fundraising abilities as well.  AND - challenge your network of support to get involved too!  Friends love to support their friends, especially when there is a bigger mission to be impacted!