Week 6: Walk, Jog, Or Run Combo 5k

About Week 6: Walk, Jog, Or Run Combo 5k

Wellness Challenge: Walk, Jog, or Run Combo 5k Outside: Three for Three

We’re ending the Fun Run + Fitness Challenge with a 5k combo outside, a three for three: three speeds for three miles. Forget the treadmill and head to your favorite park or trail as you get fit in the fresh air and daylight. This week, we challenge you to walk, jog, run, or a combo of all three for three miles outside. Post your progress on your social media channels using the hashtags #getfit2feed and #feedingtomorrow to connect with other participants.

Your support of Feeding Tomorrow these past six weeks supports initiatives like our global volunteer opportunities, which allow food scientists to give back while using their professional skills.