Gay Bingo Charlotte 2022


Gay Bingo Charlotte is one of the most unconventional fundraising events in Charlotte - this ain't your grandma's bingo! Pajama Rama Bingo comes to the Charlotte Convention Center on Saturday, November 19!

Join us for a wild, fun, outrageous and unpredictable evening of laughs, crazy costumes, dance routines, wacky entertainment, great music and a little bingo. Each bingo year has its own theme and set of special games/rules - this is not a game of chance and no money or prizes can be won from getting an official bingo.

Since the first event, Big Hair Bingo, in February 2000 attendance has grown from 100 people at the Great Aunt Stella Center to sellout crowds of 1,400+ at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Gay Bingo Charlotte has raised over $1.5 million to support the HIV services and programs RAIN provides to the Charlotte metro area.

A straight line never wins at Gay Bingo, but our straight friends are always welcome!