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MISSION: RAIN empowers persons living with HIV and those at risk to be healthy and stigma free.

VISION: RAIN envisions ending HIV in our community.

RAIN is one of the largest HIV nonprofits in the Carolinas providing direct client services. The organization is widely recognized for its unique model and expertise in working with persons living with HIV. RAIN educates and advocates for all people with HIV and works for a greater understanding of the virus and its impact. RAIN enables all to live fully with or without HIV.

Medical Case Management*:  Assisting adults living with HIV (ages 25 and older) in obtaining community resources necessary for maintaining good health and eliminating barriers to effective treatment.

EPY (Empowering Positive Youth)*:  Providing compassionate care to youth living with HIV (ages 13 to 24) with peer counseling, referrals to support services, medical case management, education on HIV/STI prevention and support in learning to live with HIV.

Health Insurance Assistance*:  Assisting eligible individuals in successfully navigating the health insurance options to meet their unique medical needs. Also providing financial assistance for premiums and other out of pocket costs for those living with HIV.

Counseling Services*:  Providing virtual and on-site mental health support to clients as they work through issues related to a HIV diagnosis, anxiety, depression, trauma and substance abuse.

PrEP Program (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)*: Connecting  HIV negative people to a prescribing physician to obtain medication and  implementing risk reduction techniques to reduce the risk of exposure to HIV.

Early Intervention Services (EIS)*:  Linking individuals who have fallen out of care or newly diagnosed and face the most barriers to effective treatment, adherence and viral suppression.

HIV/STI Testing*:  Offering free and confidential testing through community events, by appointment and Wednesday evenings in our Uptown office (5 to 7 PM) in partnership with the Health Department.

CREW (Community Resources for Empowerment & Wellness): Helping  individuals decide if they are ready for treatment through a holistic wellness program that focuses on harm reduction based one-on-one counseling, group support and substance use treatment.

Awareness & Prevention Outreach*: Providing free programs to educate the community on HIV/STI prevention and promote the end of HIV stigma including in person or virtually community presentations and classes, street outreach and information booths.

Support Groups: Offering support groups for adults (open group) and youth (closed group) living with HIV.

* indicates service is also provided in Spanish