Gift Card Shower for Families

In 2021, the state housing wage for Ohio is $16.64 per hour.  To afford a modest 2-bedroom home without paying more than 30% of income on housing, the average renter must work 76 hours per week - 1.9 full-time jobs at minimum wage.  This model is not sustainable or equitable, and real families are paying the price everyday.

Throughout the year, your gifts help the families we serve bridge the gaps in funding these disproportionate housing costs create.  When barriers on the path to stability arise, gift cards help keep gas tanks and cupboards full, and allow families to purchase the household items they may need to make their house a more comfortable home.

If you wish to donate actual gift cards rather than make a donation, please purchase gift cards from BP, Kroger, Target or Walmart. You can drop these off at The Homeless Families Foundation at 33 North Grubb Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 Monday-Friday between 10am-3pm.  

On behalf of our families, thank you for your support!