Caitlin Fabrocini

Caitlin Fabrocini

I am participating in the TCS New York City Marathon - a fundraising event to give grieving children access to free Comfort Zone Camp programing, so they can learn how to cope in healthy ways.

1 in 13 children in the U.S. will experience the death of a parent or sibling by the age of 18. The burden of bereavement disrupts family dynamics, strains social relationships, and emotionally isolates grieving children.

Every step we take and every dollar we raise brings us closer to giving more grieving children hope. Together we can provide grief relief to the 5.6 million grieving children in the United States.

In 2012 I found Comfort Zone Camp as an undergraduate student at Montclair State University. At the time I made a last minute switch to a new major so that I could graduate on time and the last step was an internship. At the time I googled "family services Montclair". The biggest factor was that I needed to be able to get to my internship without a car! In my search I found that Comfort Zone Camp was in Montclair so I sent an email asking if they could use an intern! Turns out the woman I emailed was no longer in the NJ area and they no longer had that Montclair office. She connected me to Brandon English at CZC and he said if I could make it to Secaucus I could intern with them... I knew I had to make it work, no matter what time of day I had to catch a bus or train to be there! I was motivated by graduation... get in, get to work, get it done!

I attended my first camp around March or April of 2012. I attended as an intern, helping out where ever I was needed. Spring forward to May, I graduated! Thank you internship!!! I returned in June as a Big Buddy and that weekend being in Healing Circles with the kids, connecting with my little, and experiencing the slumber party that is the nightly cabin routine- it changed my life. 

Ive been volunteering since 2012 and it has made me better. I feel purposeful, connected, and grateful!

Since interning I have taken on a few other roles! In 2015 I received my Masters in School Counseling and am now volunteering as a Healing Circle Leader. I have served on many NJ Grief Relief 5k committees, and now for the 2nd time I am the co-chair of our National 5k Your Way! I have been on our Regional Advisory Committee/ Volunteer Council for a number of years. I volunteer making screening calls to families leading up to camps. I have enjoyed many partnership camps with A Little Hope and The National Fallen Fire Fighter Foundation. I recently presented with Regional Director, Krista, at the NJ School Counselor Spring Conference. 

There is really nothing I wouldn't do to support CZC... including a full marathon!! Thank you for supporting my journey!

Caitlin Fabrocini

Another camp weekend with my favorite!

So endlessly grateful for Lynne who is our founder and CEO!

Caitlin Fabrocini