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Hayden Synchronized Skating Teams

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Our skaters strive to be the best. And that requires unwavering dedication ... lots of time, energy, and money. 

Here are some ways your donations will be put to work:

  • $500 Team Nutritional Sessions/ Meal expenses at competition
  • $1,000 Ten Sessions of Team Mental Fitness Training
  • $1,500 Season of Ballet Classes
  • $2,000 Team Practice Dresses
  • $5,000 Team Fall/Winter Athlete Fitness Sessions

Why Participate?

Synchronized skating is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States.   Athletes within the synchronized skating community are trained to jump like a figure skater, twizzle like an ice dancer and lift like a pairs skater.  No other sport in skating has this diversity in skating skills and this large of a commitment by its individual skaters. 

A team of skaters can have 12 - 20 skaters that have to work together to achieve artistry in motion.    These skaters are dedicated individuals that are dedicated to each other and to their surrounding community. You will find our athletes walking to raise money for Breast Cancer, helping young skaters develop new skills and invest their time with others. 

No matter what stage of life these skaters are in, they are high achievers.   Many receive academic scholarships, strong GPA's and academic awards. 

Hayden Synchronized Skating helps to develop the future leaders of tomorrow.   We have athletes that have gone on to become doctors, teachers, lawyers, social workers and scientists. 

Many of continued to volunteer with US Figure Skating to help grow future generations of the sport. 

With your support we will be able to continue to support our athletes who will become the future leaders of our country.

Thank you for your support!

Support us as we start our 2022 - 2023 season.  

Your support will help our current and future athletes to continue to reach their dreams and continue to compete at the highest level. 

Founded in 1979 with one team, HSST has grown to 8 different level teams with skaters ranging in age from 6 to 25. Over the organization's 42-year history, HSST teams have been crowned national champions 62 times across the senior, junior, novice, intermediate and juvenile divisions.

  • Our senior team, The Haydenettes, has won 29 U.S. National Championships, represented the U.S. in every ISU World Synchronized Skating Championship, and earned five World Bronze Medals.
  • Our Hayden Select Team leads the Elite 12 Division designated by the International Skating Union (“ISU”) as the foundation on which we hope the Olympic Synchronized Skating Program will develop. In 2022, the Hayden Select Team won the first Elite 12 Gold Medal at the Synchronized Skating French Cup.
  • The Lexettes, our junior level team, have earned podium spots in 13 of the last 14 years. 
  • Our national and developmental teams consistently place among the top teams at local, regional, and national events. In 2022, each team earned a podium position at the Championship level.