2021 Hill Country Ride for AIDS

UnderRider 2021

UnderRider 2021

The most important Ride of someone else's life!

UnderRiders are a special group of donors that enable us to give as much participant fundraising as possible to those affected by HIV/AIDS in our community. UnderRiders are former Hill Country Ride for AIDS riders (maybe their knees insist they support the cause in new, less physical ways), philanthropists, and activists all passionate about the cause at hand. We are more than happy to have your donations online, but your donation will go even further if you help us avoid a service fee by mailing your check to Hill Country Ride for AIDS, P.O. Box 49097, Austin, TX 78765.

In 2020 UnderRiders raised over $75,000! You can help make 2021 the best year ever!

UnderRider Giving Levels:

Gorgeous Frame - $10,000

High Gears – $5,000 

Big Wheels – $2,500

Handlebars – $1,000

If you’re interested in learning more, the director of the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, Taylor Stockett, would love to speak with you about your interest in becoming an UnderRider. Feel free to call him at (512) 371-RIDE or email him directly at taylor@hillcountryride.org. You can also check out our UnderRider FAQ’s for more information.

Click here to make an online donation as an UnderRider. Don’t want to donate online? Please send your checks (made payable to: Hill Country Ride for AIDS) to PO Box 49097, Austin, Tx 78765

UnderRider 2021