National Aviary Hike-A-Thon Presented by UPMC Health Plan


How do I join? Register today through the main event page.

Can we sign up as a duo/team? We ask anyone that wants to participate sign up individually. However, you can create a team with as few as two individuals. See below for more information on creating teams.

Is there an age minimum to participate? All ages are welcome to participate. Please keep in mind, event shirts are only available in adult unisex and ladies sizes.

What is the registration deadline? The event begins September 1, but registration will remain open beyond September 1. We recommend registering by July 1 to ensure you receive your event shirt (in your desired size!) and packet before the event kicks off. Hike packets and shirts will be mailed out at the end of August.

Do you need to reside in the United States to participate? Registration is open to participants worldwide!


How do I create a team? When registering, select “Create a Team.” Once you create your team, your team name will appear in the list of teams and allow other registrants to join your team when they sign up.

Why should I create a team? The more the merrier! Teams can offer camaraderie and team building, plus you will be eligible for the top team fundraising prize!


How do I set up my personal fundraising page? Your personal fundraising page will automatically be created when you register for the event. Scroll down to the bottom of your confirmation webpage and click on the page personalize for your fundraising page. You will also receive a confirmation email with information on your personal fundraising page. Visit the event homepage at anytime to log in and make updates to your page, such as adding a photo, telling your story about why you are fundraising, sending out personalized email/text asks, and updating your fundraising goals.

Can I set up a fundraising page on Facebook? Yes! Your personal fundraising page is able to integrate with Facebook Fundraisers. Simply click the button to link your personal fundraising page with your Facebook page.

How can I reach my fundraising goals? Don’t be shy! Ask your family and friends to support you! Share your goal, and tell your followers why fundraising for the National Aviary is important to you. Fundraising resources are available on the event page to give you ideas for DIY fundraisers, social media and email templates, and more. Do not be afraid to get creative!

Are there prizes for fundraising? YES! Participants can help the National Aviary fund its critical conservation work by raising money. To show our appreciation for your support, you can win exclusive apparel and prizes at different fundraising levels.


Where does the event take place? Anywhere and everywhere. The National Aviary Hike-a-thon Presented by UPMC Health Plan is intended for participants to hike, bike, walk, bird-watch, and explore – wherever they are.

How does a Hike-a-thon work? It is simple to take part. First, be sure to register. Then, get outside and explore during the month of September. That’s it! Participants are also encouraged to fundraise and track their outdoor activity to be eligible for both fundraising and activity prizes. You can use a paper tracking form to submit at the end of September, download the Strava app to track your activity electronically through the month, or manually enter individual activities on your Hike-A-Thon page. Tracking will not begin/be available until September 1.

There are no trails near me, how can I participate? Walking in your neighborhood, biking, and other outdoor activities count as well!

How do I get a shirt? The $40 paid registration option includes a shirt and hike packet. Hike packets and shirts will be mailed out at the end of August. If you registered for free and want to change your registration to paid in order to get a shirt and packet, please contact Lizzy Zimmerman.

How do I log my activity during September? The option to link your Strava account/log your miles will not be visible until September 1 at midnight. At that time, log in to your account, then click “manage my page” when you hover over your name/profile picture. On the left hand side of your dashboard, you will see an option to “log my miles.” Click on it. You can either manually enter an activity each time you have one to log. Or, click the “link my Strava account” button to automatically sync the activity you track through that app. If you participated in the National Aviary Hike-A-Thon in 2021 – and tracked your activity electronically – you will be able to log into Strava from last year. There is both a free version of Strava and a paid/premium version. Either version will sync with your page. You can set up an overall goal for yourself for the month of September. You can also upload pictures from your hikes or share additional info if desired!

How do I track activity on Strava? Before setting out on a hike, bike ride, or other activity, open the app and push the “record” button at the bottom then “start.” The app will track your distance, elevation gain, pace, and more. Press the square stop button when your activity is completed and press finish to record your activity with its name (name of trail, location of activity, or any other information you would like to record), type of activity, upload any pictures, and more.

Can I edit a fitness activity that I enter manually on my Hike-A-Thon page? Manual entry of a fitness activity cannot be edited, but it can be deleted and correctly re-entered.

Company Registration

Can I pay for my employees’ registrations? Yes! If you want to pay in full or part of a group’s registrations, contact Lizzy Zimmerman to set up a discount code. At the close of the event, you will be invoiced for the total cost of the registrants that used the discount code.

How do my employees register? They will register through the event page . When prompted for a discount code, they can enter your assigned code. If you are paying for registration in full, their total will be zero. If you are covering a portion of the cost, they will be responsible for paying the remainder at the time of registration.

Does my company need to be located in Pittsburgh to participate? No, registration is open to participants worldwide.

How else can my company get involved? Click here for information on sponsorship levels and benefit packages.