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One of best party bands in the region! This talented, energetic, professional group performs throughout Ohio and has been booked in such cities as New York, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Louisville. They bring  the perfect blend of the classics and modern hits. The set list includes; Sinatra, Earth, Wind & Fire, Aretha Franklin, Salt N Peppa, Sly and the Family Stone, Macklemore, Johnny Cash, and Notorious B.I.G.  They encompass some of the best musicians the country has to offer, including a complete horn section.


Stacy McKay and Bobby Mitchell of Bobby & Stacy in the Morning on Sunny 95, is the emcee for the evening.  

Bobby Mitchell, long-time veteran radio broadcaster, has taken a seat next to Stacy McKay on Sunny in the Morning with Bobby & Stacy!

“To be a part of this heritage radio station, with its incredible staff; and to live and raise my family in Columbus, is very exciting,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell’s radio success, including being named Billboard’s Radio Personality of the Year, and morning show expertise was cultivated with time in multiple cities including Detroit, Dallas, & Miami, and at stations like WHYI-FM, KPLX-FM, and WOMC-FM. Bobby & his wife have four children and look forward to making Columbus their home.

After more than 25 years of waking up listeners in Columbus, Stacy McKay considers sparring with Dino each weekday morning her favorite way to start the day. When the gloves are off, Stacy gives as much time to charity and church work as she can spare while enjoying marriage, motherhood and Mornings at Sunny. If she had any free time at all, Stacy would enjoy flying again, since she did have a private pilots license at one time, and napping, which she hasn’t done since her daughter was born! Stacy also hosts the weekly Momcast podcast and knows the importance of family. Her passion for Columbus, the community, and families makes her the perfect voice for Hope Takes Flight.​

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