Backstory of today's effort

When Mark Howell was diagnosed with an 18-lb tumor in his abdomen only 2 weeks after his oldest child Gabriel was born, given 6 weeks to live, and told he wouldn't make it through the hail mary surgery he was facing, people rallied.

Hope in the form of love, finances, food, support, faith, and friendship poured in from all around. Mark was shown the goodness in people, the power of love (cue Huey Lewis please!), and the path that HOPE can carve through any amount of darkness.

Today, 8 years after the initial diagnosis and 5 years since any disease has been found, Mark is a walking miracle. He owes his life to his family, the surrounding community, and God. He simply would not be here without each of them playing such a significant role in his journey.

As we celebrate his 5 year cancer-free anniversary today, we launch the best version of an online celebration we can think of - sharing the gift of HOPE with as many people as possible.

As we share stories from supporters, friends, family members, and Mark himself throughout the day, we ask you to join us in the celebration by sharing, donating, and spreading the gift of HOPE for others who desperately are seeking it. With a $50,000 match for the day, together we can make a huge difference in many lives!

Thank you for helping to Light the Way!

- Team Fund a Life

In CELEBRATION of our Founder's #5YearCancerFreeAnniversary, we are:

  • Raising $50,000 in 1 day
  • Awarding 5 Grants in 1 day
  • Celebrating a 5 year Cancer Free Anniversary
  • ​Spreading Light and Sparking HOPE in as many lives as possible
  • Join us today as 

    Hope Lights the Way