Inspire Atlanta 2024 Supporting Atlanta Women's Foundation
Inspire Atlanta 2024

Inspire Atlanta

The Inspire Atlanta Program develops women personally, professionally, and philanthropically. 

Over the course of the four-month program, Inspire Atlanta participants explore their core values, network with fellow community leaders, develop a broader understanding of the issues Atlanta’s women and girls face and garner support for these issues through a fundraising campaign.

About The Atlanta Women's Foundation

The Atlanta Women's Foundation plays an essential role in helping more women and girls to live safe, economically self-sufficient lives.  As a catalyst for change in the lives of women and girls, we raise funds for grantmaking through our collective impact model that amplifies the work of strategic nonprofits serving the metro Atlanta area.

In addition to our role as a funder, we serve as an educator and a connector.  As an educator, we provide leadership and philanthropic training and conduct research into the challenges faced by women and girls.  As a connector, we bring people together through events and experiences designed to empower attendees, expand our impact, and champion grant recipients.

When you invest through AWF, your impact for women and girls goes further- creating stronger, more stable families and communities for everyone.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Your financial support is put to work through AWF's strategic grantmaking to support women and girls experiencing poverty in Atlanta.

AWF supports organizations that improve the lives of economically vulnerable women and girls in Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett counties.

The absence of economic self-sufficiency is at the heart of critical issues faced by women and girls in our community.  Access to resources plays a major role in determining the choices women and girls make. 

Inspire Atlanta fundraising will benefit AWF's current priority grant making project, All Girls Forward: Girls Empowerment Program.  Over the next five years, All Girls Forward will provide funding for a critical combination of services needed to ensure Atlanta's girls experiencing poverty can be on a level playing field with their peers.  Services such as mental health sessions, physical health activities, supplemental educational activities (including STEM), college readiness support, mentoring, and financial literacy programming.  

Thank you to our Sponsors

Inspire Atlanta is an community impact program and fundraising campaign that supports The Atlanta Women’s Foundation.

Through Inspire Atlanta, women:

  • Develop their talents to garner support that affects real change in the community.
  • Learn about critical issues facing women and girls in the area.
  • Explore their core values and chart their unique leadership path.
  • Build a network of fellow female leaders and doers.
  • Champion a fundraising campaign in support of the Atlanta Women’s Foundation.