Jordan's Iron Man

About Jordan's Iron Man

I’ve been a runner all my life, but I have never taken the leap to do an Iron Man Triathlon. This year I’m doing it, I’m registered for the Iron Man 70.3 in Waco, TX on October 27, 2019! I’m going to train throughout the cold Minnesota Winter, spend hours pounding the ice covered pavement, stretching physically and mentally, and I’m going to do it to support a charity near and dear to my heart. Let me tell you more!

For the past several years, I have been a Hearing Instrument Specialist for Miracle-Ear. Miracle-Ear is a retail store specializing in state of the art hearing aids for those who are hearing impaired. Every day I have the opportunity to detect and treat hearing loss to help people hear what they have been missing in life. It has been life changing for me and for my patients.

Along with the ability to help people hear every day, I’m also actively involved in our charity, the Miracle-Ear Foundation. This Foundation is nearly 30 years strong, and gives me an opportunity to also help qualified low income families who cannot afford the cost of hearing aids. I’ve been able to help so many people, including my 7 year old friend Harley.

Harley and his family came to me a few years ago to see if they would qualify for the Miracle-Ear Foundation’s Gift of Sound hearing aid program. They applied and were approved and I donated my time to fit Harley with hearing aids that now help him as a student in elementary school, help him communicate with his parents and his siblings, and will continue to have an impact as he develops his speech and language as he grows up. I can’t begin to describe the changes I’ve seen in Harley since he first came to me with untreated hearing loss, to where he is today. I can’t believe how much more social and interactive he has become with hearing aids. It makes my heart swell with pride that we could help him with something that would not have been possible if not for the Foundation.

I am dedicating this triathlon in honor of Harley and so many other kids who can’t afford to get the hearing aids they need to be successful in school and in life and I invite you to help too. Please consider making a donation in support of my Iron Man race to the Miracle-Ear Foundation. All contributions are tax-deductible and will be used to help give the Gift of Sound to those in need in communities across the United States.

To date the Miracle-Ear Foundation has helped more than 11,700 individuals with more than 21,100 hearing aids. Giving the Gift of Sound has been extremely rewarding and I hope to do more with your help. Thank you in advance for your support and please let me know if you think you know someone the Miracle-Ear Foundation could help!


About the Cause

It’s easy to underestimate the value of hearing. For children, it can be the difference between early success in school and a lifetime of catching up. For adults it means the ability to connect with family, friends and colleagues.

Since 1990 the Miracle-Ear Foundation, together with our donors, has been providing hearing aids, follow-up care, and educational resources to people with hearing loss who demonstrate personal inability to financially provide for their hearing health needs. We do this because we believe everyone in our community deserves quality hearing instruments. We are in communities throughout North America, helping people with hearing loss every day. Our Foundation is one more way we’re working to improve hearing health nationwide.