About Rewards

Incentives to encourage friendly competition for bragging rights and collection of the rewards below.

Let your light shine with a distinctive Food For The Poor Light Bulb Tumbler.  Fundraise $200 or gain 300 social points to get a digital UpRiser Badge, and this eye-catching bottle.

Fundraise $400 or gain 600 social points to get a digital Cheer Giver Badge, and a hand-made Join The Pack tin art medallion. 

Fundraise $600 or gain 900 social points  to get a shout-out at the event, a digital Pack Leader Badge, and Food For The Poor Dri-Fit T-shirt. ​

Fundraise $800 or gain 1,000 social points to get a shout-out at the event, a digital Hunger Buster Badge and an invitation to an appreciation reception at Food For The Poor.​​

The top two fundraising teams raising at least $2,500 will be invited to Food For The Poor for a delectable appreciation dinner reception. 

To see how many points you've earned, go to "Manage my Page" and click on "Dashboard" on the left menu.