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Familial Dysautonomia Foundation

About FD Box Jump Challenge

Our son & brother, Stevie Schwartzberg, was never without challenges living with Familial Dysautonomia but he continued to push and challenge himself in countless different ways.  One of those challenges was Stevie’s Standing Box Jumps. So in his memory, we bring you The Box Jump Challenge for FD.  Please jump with us to raise awareness for this rare autonomic disease and to raise money to continue the mental health program established at the Dysautonomia Center at NYU Langone in Stevie’s memory.

We encourage you to jump on any ‘box’ or surface you feel comfortable with, no jump is too big or too small. No need to wait to be nominated, jump on board! We support creativity and more importantly, safety first!  

How it works is simple:

1. Recording yourself on your phone, start your video by introducing yourself, “Hello, I’m ___ and I am Jumping for FD!”

2. Jump & nominate 3 friends to jump!

3. Once you’re done filming, share on social media with the hashtags #boxjumpchallenge #jumpforFD 

4. Most importantly, don’t forget to donate! Every dollar helps!


Starts at:  October 19, 2021 11:00 PM
Ends at:  January 30, 2022 11:00 PM




About the Cause

Familial Dysautonomia (FD) is a rare genetic disorder that affects the autonomic and sensory nervous systems. Symptoms include: insensitivity to pain, absence of tears, unstable blood pressure and body temperature, respiratory, digestive and vision problems. Though FD affects people across the world it occurs almost exclusively in people with Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. FD is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner when both, otherwise healthy parents, pass on their copy of a mutated IKAP gene to their unborn child. For more information about FD and the FD Foundation, visit www.famdys.org.

Stevie's Sister, Daryl, Explains the Box Jump Challenge

Check out a message from Stevie's sister, Daryl, to learn more about the box jump challenge and it's inspiration. 

Follow Daryl's lead by creating your own video and donating on the main page above!

Why We Jump

Check out Stevie's Box Jump to see how it's done!

Stevie always aimed high, challenging himself to reach his goals. We challenge you to aim high and jump with us to reach our goal! By nominating your friends and donating to the FD Foundation, you're supporting the continuance of the mental health program established in Stevie's memory at NYU Langone. 

You can follow Stevie's lead and grab your phone, find your 'box', and nominate 3 friends to join you in the challenge and donate!

Why Your Support Is Crucial

Please check out a note from Lily Armstrong, a mental health counselor with the FD Foundation. Your donation helps support this crucial program, making a difference in the lives of those with FD.

Thank you for your support!